MAGloc Storage Magazines Provide Safety and Convenience in Canine Training

Officer Thomas Hald of the Upper Darby Police Department in Pennsylvania has made good use of MAGloc™ Models ML 451 and ML701 (IME/DOT Day Box) as part of his responsibilities. Officer Hald is a Canine Patrol Officer and works with Rex, his German Shepherd dog, in detecting explosive devices. Rex sniffs out the training aids placed by Officer Hald in a variety of places, such as parking lot trash receptacles, automobiles and inside buildings. These training aids are actual live explosives and must be handled properly and safely.  Officer Hald puts the training aids in odor proof bags, sealed against cross contamination, within his MAGloc™ storage units. During training exercises Rex can find these training aids, and in the event of an actual threat would be able to save lives and property by alerting officers to the explosives whereabouts. 

Convenient Explosive Storage

Officer Hald keeps the training aids locked securely in a MAGloc™ at all times. The ML451 is secured permanently within the police vehicle and is locked with an ATF Approved padlock against theft. When the patrol shift is complete for Officer Hald and Rex, the explosive training aids are then transferred to the ML701, or IME/DOT Day Box, and housed within a permanent larger storage magazine facility. While offering great durability and safety, the Day Box is still of manageable weight and size to move into another location, keeping the materials enclosed at all times.

Officer Hald and Rex have been working together in the field of explosive detection since 2005. They are together every day and often will train on the spot when a good location and time for instruction and practice presents itself. Officer Hald considers his MAGloc™ storage units a way to keep his training aids secure, yet convenient at the same time. 

We extend our gratitude to Officer Hald and Rex and other teams like them in law enforcement throughout America.