Law Enforcement Products

US Explosive Storage offers a full line of explosive storage magazines to support our law enforcement community. We manufacture and sell explosive storage magazines and day boxes for the storage and handling of High and Low Explosives. Each storage magazine can be fitted with an array of accessories (electrical, structural, personal safety, etc) to meet the individual needs of any project.

We offer several sizes of day boxes with many of the transportation boxes built for large and small vehicle applications. These Type 3 Magazines are built to either ATF or IME/DOT requirements. Some models are kept in stock for quick delivery also.

US Explosive Storage Steel Armories are offered to both our Military and Law Enforcement clients. Armories are also referred to as an RSL, Portable Field Armory and sometimes a Modular Weapons Storage Armory. These arms storage facilities are commonly fitted with custom designed weapons rack systems, as well as temperature and humidity control.